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Thank you for your interest in our wonderful products!

What makes Fun2U different??? Our Slushy's are HEALTHY....YES HEALTHY!!!! with many being 99% Fruit Juice, with no artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar... making them meet the WACO standards.


Slushy's are a great, fun attraction for your next fundraiser or event.

We have put together an easy option guide so you can decide what would be best for your fundraiser or event


  1. YOUR STALL READY To Sell: We provide you with the machine and mixes of your choice you on sell in a profit share basis. Convenient if you have minimal space for selling areas and could be sold along with other products -perhaps in a tuckshop

  2. FULL SET UP: Fun2u could come in and provide a full set up (staff, stock, all equipment) and in return we give you 20% of sales. We provide everything and only require power and a 3 x 3 m space on the day.

  3. OUR STALL: You charge us a stall fee. All sales on the day are then Fun2u's. You know exactly how much money you will be receiving.

  4. FREE for GUESTS:  We could quote you a day  or hourly price to hand out slushy's for free based on information you provide us (people expected on the day and servings etc),


Most organisers choose Option 1. 

As you can see the choices vary depending what you consider to be the best for your fundraiser/event. But if for some reason you don't see an option here that will suit you we are happy to come up with a tailored package specific to your requirements.


Fun2u is a registered business with a food licence and public liability.

We understand how important OH&S so we have all our machines and power equipment are tested and tagged.

Our staff are fully trained, professional and friendly.


Over 40 Flavours Available- that Kids and Adults LOVE

If you have any further questions or ideas please don’t hesitate in contacting! 1300 795 383

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