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We are "The Slushie People" based right here in Perth to ensure reliability of service and maximum  freshness of our products.

We distribute throughout Perth and WA a variety of Slushie Mixes 


Our 99% Fruit Juice Range is ideal for School Canteens or those business's wanting a healthier option as it is an Amber Star Choice Rated product and has a 4.5 Star Health rating. There are 15 flavours to choose from.

Ideal for School Canteens and Cafes is our Frappe Range.  Choose from Iced Coffee or Chocolate flavour and both have a Green Star Choice Rating.


Our Premium Range has 20% less added sugar- ideal for cafes, sporting venues and food retailers. Choose from 15 Great Tasting Flavours.


We have 30 Delicious flavours in our Cocktail Range to choose from. Just add your own Alchohol- ideal for pubs, restaurants and sporting venues.

 Please contact us to order our Slushie Mix delivered direct across

Perth and WA within 2 days *

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