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All of Fun2u’s  Slushie Mixes are manufactured right here in Perth to guarantee quality, freshness and reliability. Our Premium Range Slushie Mix is ideal for food retailers, sporting clubs, pubs and restaurants  across Perth and WA. We often get many compliments as to the delicious taste of our Slushie Mix and that is due to our Premium Range having 20% less added sugar than most Mixes available.

Choices of Premium Range Slushie Mix Flavours available to order

Fun2u Slushie Mix Strawberry

     Fun2u Slushie Mix Tropical

     Fun2u Slushie Mix Grape 

Fun2u Slushie Mix  Sour Apple 

     Fun2u Slushie Mix Mixed Berry      
         Fun2u Slushie Mix 
Blue Lemonade
     Fun2u Slushie Mix Raspberry 
     Fun2u Slushie Mix Bubble Gum
     Fun2u Slushie Mix Fantail
     Fun2u Slushie Mix Juice Pine Lime

Fun2u Slushie Mix Blue Heaven

Fun2u Slushy Mix Orange

Fun2u Slushie Mix Cola

Fun2u Slushie Mix Pink Lemonade

Fun2u Slushie Mix Lemon Lime

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