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FREE Hot Chocolate Machine


Fun2U’s Hot Chocolate School Program



Fun2u Hot Chocolate has been registered with the Healthy Kids Association (GREEN when served in a 250ml serve size)

Fun2u provide the school canteen with a Fun2u Hot Chocolate Beverage Dispenser “Free on Loan*”. Therefore, there is no equipment capital outlay required by the school. 


Benefits of Fun2u Hot Chocolate/soup/coffee machine


  • Profit of over 100%

  • In-house training is provided at the time of installation

  • Our products have only natural ingredients and manufactured locally

  • Extensive research and testing conducted to ensure flavour popularity.

  • User friendly dispenser designed specifically for the school market.

  • Regulated temperature control.

  • Minimal cleaning time.

  • No product wastage.

  • Consistent drink poured every time (generates more sales).

  • Dispenser whips the product mix to provide a hot, frothy & delicious drink.

  • Dispenser ready to serve each morning in only five (5) minutes.

  • Dispenser meets all OH&S requirements when selling hot drinks to kids.


Other Inclusions:

  • Fun2u provide the school canteen with promotional posters to promote Fun2u  Hot Chocolate

  • A Service Hotline is provided to enable the operator to communicate any equipment/operational concern.


The Fun2u Hot Chocolate Dispenser is supplied, delivered, installed and serviced at no cost*, conditional upon the Fun2u Hot Chocolate/soup/coffee Powder Mix products being stocked by the school canteen. *Conditions apply


School Accredited Green Product in WA
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